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Milonga & Performance

3rd Saturday 
Grand Tango Salon 
at Casa 32

Tuesday@Casa 32

Every Tuesday

tango lesson for Beginners & Intermediate

Registration stays open


  Every Monday & Friday
   from January 2013 
 tango lessons by
Annibal  & Valeria
tango Bar 
(see agenda)

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La Milonga 32 - Casa 32  

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Next event

Saturday November 11- 2017 

workshop Sacadas by Anibal & Valeria 
workshop fully booked
After workshop Tango Salon from 21:00-01:00
with DJ Habanero

Coming Next 
Sunday November 26

Workshop milonga with Pibe Sarrandi, Anibal & Valeria

from 16:00-18:00

After Workshop practica from 18:00-23:00 (3€)


Tango Lesson


tangoles SEPT


tel 0492 877611

 Tango Lesson by Tristan & Zoe


Tom Easter 2016 lesson

Tango Lesson Every Tuesday

September 5,12,19 to End December 2017 

by Tristan & Zoe

2 levels  (small group)

Level 1: from 20:00-21:15 absolute beginners & beginners

Level 2 & 3: from 21:00 - 22:30 Intermediate more than 12 months

Style/ Milongero & Tango  de Salon
 Level 1/ Posture, How to move on the dance floor, salidas

Lateral movement, paradas , Ochos, simple turns...

Level 2 & 3/ Review of Basic complex turns, multiple turns

dancing Di Sarli, D'Arienzo,and different orchestra.

We work with small group therefore a lot of time with each couple
 small group makes the lesson Intensive. We prepare our student 

to dance, understand and follow the instruction of well known tango masters

that we invite frequently in the club...

Price 10€ per lesson 

Registration via contact page

 Tel: 0492 877611 or 0477 276072

32 Zendelingenstraat 2140 Borgerhout




La Milonga 32 presents a few Tango Salon on the Fridays
that our maestros do not give lesson
La Milonga 32 invites dancers and tango lovers to join
us for a social dance meeting with the best tango djs
 for this event we have Dj Habanero as guest
 prepare yourself for the best Di Sarli, D'Arienzo, Pugliese & more

Coming Soon


(alot of space for parking see map down below)

5 minutes walk (Noordersingel 26 or 32, 2140 antwerpen)














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